KotlinConf 2017 Recap #

Sydney Kotlin UG Meetup – Nov 29, 2017

Summary of the better talks, the more interesting themes, some conversations with other Kotliners and overall impressions about the first ever Kotlin conference in San Francisco. Think of it as your guide to what recorded talks to watch first.

You can, but should you? #

KotlinConf 2017 – Nov 2, 2017

Kotlin provides a mountain of features that Java developers previously never had access to. This creates endless opportunities. This also creates confusion akin to that of a kid in a candy store, which is exacerbated by the transition from simple beginner demos to production code, expected to be readable, performant and maintainable. Which to choose? Should I be doing this?

Kotlin, The Pragmatic Language For Android #

YOW! Connected Conference 2016 – Oct 5, 2016
Android Australia UG Meetup – Sep 20, 2016

Kotlin, a relatively new programming language running on the JVM, has been making headlines as the more elegant alternative to Java in any of its applications. One of them is Android development and this talk will explore the benefits that the language offers for everyday coding.

Practical Guide to Gradle with Kotlin #

Sydney JVM Community Meetup – Sep 14, 2016

You can now write Gradle scripts in Kotlin. So what? This talk will show you how, why and when to do it. We’ll cover basic syntax and review a few simple examples that you can use in your existing projects.

Asynchronous Vert.x Applications in Kotlin #

Android Australia UG Meetup – Aug 4, 2016

Looking at web development, Spring seems to be the star of most Kotlin articles and tutorials. This talk will explore an asynchronous alternative that is Vert.x and evaluate its production readiness. We’ll do that by writing a simple (but working) web API, with some neat Kotlin features to boot, and figure out what the benefits of using this framework are.

Kotlin production tales #

Android Australia UG Meetup – May 3, 2016

Kotlin has finally graduated to a release version and we have rewritten one of our production apps in the language. Now armed with some real-life perspective, the time has come to reveal whether it was worthwhile or the conservatives who stuck with the "officially supported" Java were right all along.

Kotlin, a year on #

Android Australia UG Meetup – Oct 6, 2015

Revisit of last year's talk about Kotlin and its application in Android development. Summary of the changes that took place since then, new features and feasibility for production usage as it stands.

Dagger 2: Even sharper, less square #

Android Australia UG Meetup – May 5, 2015

It was only a matter of time before version 2.0 of the well-known dependency injection library Dagger hit production and that marks a good time to discuss the changes in the new version and how they can benefit Android developers.

Kotlin, the Swift of Android #

Android Australia UG Meetup – Sep 2, 2014

Now that Apple released Swift for iOS, the need for a more modern language for Android development has become even more apparent and although there are no official alternatives available from Google, there is viable option from JetBrains -- Kotlin, a modern JVM-based language fully integrated into Android Studio and easily usable with the Android SDK.